The Student Loan: There is something to be aware of

A student loan can be the savior in distress for some students. Nevertheless, one should pay attention to borrowing

Apprenticeship years are not men’s years. Everyone knows this saying and most people know that there is something true about it. Jokes about poor students are just as well-tried. During the study it is about learning, acquiring knowledge and, for most of them, managing with little money. It’s been like that forever.

Anyone who has a time-consuming course of study, can not work on the side, or who is not sufficient for or otherwise can not afford it, has the opportunity to take out a student loan and thus live with a secure financial position for the duration of the study. Student loans are independent of parents, can be applied for in addition to and are subject to no credit check at most banks.

Before you decide on a student loan, you should think about it thoroughly. High credits are haunting you for a long time. Last but not least, studying is not a guarantee for a job or a good salary, which means you could be in debt for decades in an emergency.

Borrow , ie have completed the age of 18.

Student loans are awarded to students at state or state-recognized universities in Germany. Furthermore you can

The basic first degree or second degree

Supplementary, supplementary or postgraduate studies (postgraduate studies)

The master’s program

The period of a promotion financed.

Due to various offers can be found basically for each of the appropriate student loan. Most of the student loans go through Bank, which cooperates with the best-known big banks.

Entry information appears only if you are in default with your repayment. The student loan has no negative effects on your entry information or on your entry score .

However, your student loan can be rejected if

An affidavit has been made.

An arrest warrant to enforce the affidavit is available.

Personal bankruptcy was filed.

Your credit rating at the beginning and does not have a negative effect on your entry information, nevertheless it will accompany you for a long time in your life. Whether with or without student loan. we help you monitor your finances and improve your credit rating . Here are some things to consider when studying credit . And otherwise? Register now, keep your financial situation in view and look forward to useful tips to improve your credit rating. Start your financial life directly responsibly and thoughtfully – together with us!